Thursday, September 25, 2008

Boogie that B

A few months back we got together with for a campaign featuring discounted individual and crew shots. Well we're coming back strong with some great extras!! Check out the advertisement and get your head shots and crew pics done by our professional staff!

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Backyard Beauty

One of the great things of living at home is that my parents are obsessed with plants and gardening. Our backyard is filled with color and life. Definitely refreshing to get up close and personal, here are a few pics with the Macro.

Heres one from my dad a few weeks back. Now that is close!

Remembering catching these lil guys back in grade school? haha ok well thats prob just me.
D300 and 105mm VR combo @400 iso

playa status


lone ranger

aloe vera
afternoon nutrient
straight up

So clean and green! 



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Over the Hill

In light of the bday today, I took the morning off and did a lil fishing. Started at Lake Mission Viejo and made our way to a private reservoir in Orange. Pretty decent day, but the heat was intense and we had to pack up earlier than expected. Wheres the fall weather at?! 

Ok pics are out of order but damn, check out this private lake..looked like something out of Utah or Nevada!
waterpipe cove
lion king
mission view
birthday bass at mission, killed the robo.

So I get facebook updates on the blackberry, like if someone writes on your wall it'll shoot you an email with the persons post. While I was fishing, my phone was blowing up with messages, and I realized how facebook really does connect people. Had the oldest of friends hit me up today..people I haven't talked to in years hah. Anyways, it was great to receive all those birthday wishes, definitely appreciate the love. Thanks everyone.




Monday, September 22, 2008

Expressive Doubt

This past weekend I had a chance to work with CJ Edwards once more on another project. This time, for his company ExpreSSive DoUbt. Made up of industry professionals, this diverse group of dancers have definitely created a buzz within the community. Some members reign from Breed, Culture Shock LA, and Team Millenia to name a few. 

We set out to shoot in Downtown LA and managed to get some great back alley shots. Thanks again to Garrick for the assist!

Red Bricks (this photo and below: Garrick Fujii)
rare items
first group shot
CJ and fellas
last set up and tennis balls
no parking

Thanks again CJ for having us apart of your revolution to take over of the world. 

Till next time!



Friday, September 19, 2008

Bold Colors for Fall

Check out the online store for Jeff's Riot 5 clothing line!!

I really like the way he used the photos we took, check it out, and get some nice shirts for this fall.

I have the yellow one, and I wear it 3 days out of each week. word.


Venturing in North Park

Last week I met up with Nora to do some night photography. A lot of high ISO involved, and some scary spots, check out the fun pics.

I had to slowly crawl up that porch because it looked like someone with a shotgun might live there. But I wonder if he would have been more scared of me looking possessed like that.

When I saw this man's chain I had to stop him for a photo. His only request was that I don't take the photo with his face in it. It looks nice with sepia.

Then we found a nice fluorescent light by a mini market, and I got to test the shadows.

There was also a big neon sign that had like 3 different colors, tried that one out as well:

Tilted head, because I couldn't tilt the lights.

By the time we got there, this tall man approached us to chat and he got a photo too.

This is that same house that I was posing in front of.

How cool are those red windows!

There was also a billboard sign next to the house, and since I like climbing things, the inevitable happened:

This house further down had an old-school Ford truck, so we sneaked in for this shot:

I like how there is just enough light to bring out the colors.

The whole trip was a bit eerie, and we walked for a good mile into unknown areas, but the photos were worth it. On the way back we got to see how the sidewalks are painted red for fire zones, there are these rolling spray paint machines that they drag along, no hand labor necessary. We couldn't resist playing with the paint.

Oh noes!

Don't get caught red handed!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scout Master

Went to Downtown LA to scout some locations for a shoot we have on Saturday. It was nice to be in the city on a weekday, a small break of editing can always do a body good. As 5pm rolled around, you can feel the rush of movement in the one way streets and freeways. I just thought to myself living here is one thing but working there must be entire different monster. 

But definitely good vibes as we walked around, people going about their own business and hustling on a hazy Tuesday afternoon. 

rooftop with Erich
barbed wire

back alley

abandoned building and construction office
rush hour
Ended the day with a nice stroll through J-town, mochi is the shiet!

Till next time,