Sunday, August 31, 2008

Frank G. Boneli

Had a small break today from mass editing and took my cousin Nicola fishing. I've been reeling and dealin since 96' and in all the lakes I've come across, Puddingstone is by far the most challenging.  You can usually manage to land a few, but more times than not, you go home empty handed. Either way, its always nice to pay a visit to Frank G. Boneli (park that is) and appreciate the home in which my fishing career began.

Here are a few clicks, enjoy!

Nice morning overcast, and some random geese? ducks? on the first dock we went to

broken pier!

my cousin Nicola

summer time snaggin


yo zuri stick bait-we've been through a lot together, notice the battle scars.
caught literally seconds after I took that pic above! hah baby bass


puddingstone rec

summer lovin'
morning sun

Btw, Happy Birthday Nic! Next trip, Mohave stripes?!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hammer Time

Met up with James yesterday for a quick powwow and lunch mtg. James and I have known each other since high school and we've been collaborating on a few projects. Its good to know things haven't changed much since DBHS. Still the same ol James, yet this time around he's making things happen with Art Hammer, the canvas and plexi-glass elitist! 

Btw, the Shoppes of Chino Hills is cracking even for a Wednesday! 

James discussing some future plans

Hot Pastrami eee!

The Shoppes of Chino Hills

Day cap with a small coffee, capt crunch- where you at Queenswreath!

Always nice catching up..till next time... Wood floors sonn!!



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OC Lifestyle

Switching gears to some event coverage, I had the opportunity to shoot Saks Fifth Avenue's Fall Preview and Trend Presentation here at South Coast Plaza! Definitely an event I can get used to..some wonderful snacks, sophisticated individuals and super sleek models!

Ladies of Saks Fifth Avenue
Fall Preview


cool purse
gnarly coat

Also in attendance was Kilian Hennessey, to promote his new line of fragrances. 



Kilian and Saks Ladies

Thanks again Lanna for the great event!


Monday, August 25, 2008

Modern Kaba

The Kaba Modern photos came out really good, it was fun just messing around with them. Can't wait to see the official Yeo's ad.

Photos are (c) Yeo's

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kaba Modern & Yeos!

Tigran and I had the privilege of shooting a new ad campaign for Yeos Food Company! We headed to the Yeos warehouse in City of Industry first thing Friday morning and met up with Kaba Modern and some Kaba Legacy for the shoot.  It was nice to see everyone again since their schedules are pretty hectic as you can imagine.  Here are some pics from behind the scenes!

The Yeos Warehouse and set up

Friday Shipments
Berty Bert in the house! with Mike Song
Cindy posing, me shooting, posing.

Mike Song, Kyle Dineen, Lawrence Kao and Tony Tran watching along..
Kallusive holding down the clothing rack.
Tigran and Berty getting some shots
Tigran chimping some images from a quick portrait session with Lawrence.

Directing the group shot

Green Jia

Mike, Yuri and Lawrence

Tigran wrapping up the shoot

OG Tikko Crew

Spop Purple Year 

Group Pic, thanks again Brenda of Yeos for having us!

Kaba had a long day shooting and they still went on to finish up the commercial!

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check back for actual pics from the product shoot!