Sunday, November 30, 2008

scoring threats

When we were on the verge of evacuating our house a few weeks back, I remembered the first thing I took were my basketball cards. I wasn't the biggest collector but my cards included some of the greatest players of all time. According to the Beckett, they are surprisingly not worth too much haha. You would think my slew of Shaq rookie cards would be worth some good money, but I guess not.

I had some Barkley cards, Chris Mullen (my hero), even Bird but the most prized possession of course were of Magic and Jordan. 92-93' Fleer Ultra and UpperDeck..I remember growing up, those were the cleanest looking cards out there. 

I even had the Magic vs. Jordan card haha, collectors item indefinitely. 



Saturday, November 29, 2008

HK Day 5


Macau! Spent day five roaming about the streets of the once Portuguese ruled nation. Considered the Las Vegas of Asia, Macau was an impressive area with classic architecture muscled by the commercialism of their neighboring friends in HK. For locals and tourists alike, it seemed like a haven to get away and sin it up a bit.

Flash it back day 5 muh!

mcdonalds cone

4 tix

jet boat

took us 3 hrs to get out of customs!


cab ride

Continue viewing here...


Friday, November 28, 2008

Chris in NY #1

Hey gang! My name's Chris Guy, and I'm a writer and photographer living out here in Brooklyn, New York. I did some shooting with Tikko Studios last year in SoCal, and moved out here to New York at the end of August. New York has been nothing but absolutely rad for the past couple of months, and although the weather dips down to the teens and the sun hardly ever shows its face, there's nowhere else I'd rather be. I can't recommend this city enough for anyone in their mid-20's with any sort of creative aspirations whatsoever.

Anyway, last month Louis came out to NYC for some R&R and photo fun. He asked if I'd like to post on the Tikko Blog from time to time for some FRESH perspective, and we had a couple drinks, one thing lead to another... and here we are! But first, mad props to Louis and Tigran for letting me post here with them-- they're amazing photographers and even more amazing dudes, and I'm honored to be posting some shots on the same page as them.

So last month here in NYC was really rainy and wet-- nothing but gloom and doom from sunrise to sunset. For whatever reason two Sundays ago, the sun decided to pop out for a little 4 hour window. I crawled out of bed, grabbed my gear, and headed over to Central Park to try and grab some shots while I could. It's pretty weird, because there's this thing called "the seasons" here, which is a trip coming from SoCal where it's perpetually summer and the coldest it ever gets is in the low 60s.

I guess what I'm trying to say is even though it's colder than a mother here on the east coast, autumn is absolutely gorgeous. The trees, colors, and overall feel of Central Park is just insanely beautiful, so here are a few quick shots that don't do the actual thing any justice whatsoever...

A not so friendly game of futbol in the mud.  These dudes were way hardcore.

Autumn is awesome. Til next time!



Monday, November 24, 2008

Orisue Shoot

Heres a video of me shooting Summer 09' last month.

Check it!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Flying Camaros

..or at least that's what I thought this car was when I passed it going 85mph on the freeway on my way home last night. It was a creeping silhouette leaning over the divider, then I noticed the tires and the break lights from the side and came to the realization that someone had just dropped the car from the sky.

Anyway, I went off the freeway and thanks to my techy iPhone I found the route to the nearest bridge there. By the time I got on top of the freeway, there was firetrucks and police helping the driver, a tv crewman showed up 5 minutes later.

looking in the other direction, I realized it was the same spot that my car was totaled 5 years ago

Drive safe!


Enqore Bridal

That's a quick glimpse of the photos taken at Malibu with the crew from Enqore (web coming soon).

Have a great weekend!!!


PS: Yellow stripe coming soon!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hotel Hopping

The title refers to my little trip to downtown SD today. I went to shot some of the nicest looking hotel lobby's for our portfolio. Here are some of the pics I've been selecting:

and now, the classy:

Special thanks to Nora for the tips.

Hope you enjoyed em!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

100th post!

This marks the one hundredth post on our blog. Pretty ironic that this post has to do with our failing economy and its effects on the photography industry hah.  Scary stats..but take a quick read and see for yourself

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jtown with Jojo

Went to J-town for a dinner with NOOE's Joanna Camaya. Nice quiet night in downtown, until Anika and Beto got there haha.


abandoned mall

Hondaya, first time eating at one of those traditional low tables so coool

Khai and bday girl

Beto and Anika
bombest chicken

quail eggs anyone?
the posse


Sunday, November 16, 2008


Crazy morning. Probably the biggest scare this neighborhood has ever felt. Fire was literally 3 blocks down the street, no ones house was damaged, everything was under control by day light. We definitely lucked out. My heart goes out to those who lost their homes in this weekends terrible events.

My dad and I took a lil trip around our neighborhood and snapped some shots of the contained fire. Glad to know people really do come together in times of crisis.

Morning glow
Mom and Dad waiting

on to the next one
Dad at ridgeline

dad gettin close to the action


day break

thumbs up

current events