Sunday, December 30, 2007

Shooting in Hotels

What has a bright window and fun furniture? no, its not our studio... its a hotel room facing west.
And that's where I went to take new photos of Nina for some stylish portfolio pieces.

The sun down light in wintertime can be hard to catch, as the big guy leaves early during the day, but we managed to get some warmth from the corner of our balcony.

We also shot a night scene for an upcoming calendar project with the guys from Picmember
but I will save that for next year ;) once we get everything ready to publish.

Hope you and your's have a great holiday season, and celebrate BIG for new years eve!!


Thursday, December 6, 2007

RAD Photo Shoot


A good friend of mine from Diamond Bar High (class 00' son!) hit me up a few months back about a clothing line he had started. Random Artistic Design aka RAD aka Randy Andre Dejesus was created and inspired by a pair of slip on Vans. Now he is being recognized for successfully introducing a brand, a lifestyle and culture to the community.

Check out what Randy and friends are up to, and buy a shirt!!!!

In the studio

Cover your ears, I have pink eye.



What son?!


The Creator Randolph and Dannizee

Old buddies, nice shirts and good times!