Sunday, December 30, 2007

Shooting in Hotels

What has a bright window and fun furniture? no, its not our studio... its a hotel room facing west.
And that's where I went to take new photos of Nina for some stylish portfolio pieces.

The sun down light in wintertime can be hard to catch, as the big guy leaves early during the day, but we managed to get some warmth from the corner of our balcony.

We also shot a night scene for an upcoming calendar project with the guys from Picmember
but I will save that for next year ;) once we get everything ready to publish.

Hope you and your's have a great holiday season, and celebrate BIG for new years eve!!


Thursday, December 6, 2007

RAD Photo Shoot


A good friend of mine from Diamond Bar High (class 00' son!) hit me up a few months back about a clothing line he had started. Random Artistic Design aka RAD aka Randy Andre Dejesus was created and inspired by a pair of slip on Vans. Now he is being recognized for successfully introducing a brand, a lifestyle and culture to the community.

Check out what Randy and friends are up to, and buy a shirt!!!!

In the studio

Cover your ears, I have pink eye.



What son?!


The Creator Randolph and Dannizee

Old buddies, nice shirts and good times!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Website Launch/ Updates



After a week and a half with the website completely functional, just wanted to say thanks for everyones comments and critiques. We definitely took everyones suggestions into consideration in order to make the site more user friendly and polished. We are definitely glad its up and running, stay tuned for updated gallery pages and much, much more!!

November Events/Upcoming:

Sofia and Phi Pre-Engagement Photo shoot-11.12.07
Tri-Delt Cocktail-11.16.07
RAD Photo shoot-11.20.07


Here are a few from our session with Sofia and Phi! This was definitely the softer side of Tikko, compared to the last post of course haha. I've known Sof and Phi for a long time, it was a great opportunity to capture just a few shots of them before the actual Engagement Shoot next Spring. With the wedding date set for 01.10.09, we're definitely excited!!

What a great pair.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monster Massive 2007!

Last Saturday was the 10th annual Monster Massive and Tikko Studios got to witness the craziness! Located at the LA Sports Arena, some of the top DJ's from around the world represented that night, spinning House, Techno, Drum and Base. In association with here are some images of the night.

A sweet panoramic of the main stage. The crowd was immense as you see, but definitely a positive and joyful experience. Check out the rest of this set here.

Inside, another level of intensity! A sea of people getting around to three different stages:

Crowds formed around the various dance circles throughout the night:

A DJ spinning drum and base.

A little shout-out to the UC Irvine students that made it!

Hope everyone had a safe time, Happy Halloween!!


UCI Shocktoberfest 2008


Having gone to a hand full of concerts this past summer, I've come to realize how ridiculously talented these artists are. UC Irvine's 2nd Annual Shocktoberfest was definitely no different. With Pigeon John, Jupiter Rising, special performance by Kaba Modern, and headliner Lupe Fiasco, the show was pretty damn hype.

The crowd awaits...

Lupe tearing up the mic with his smooth melodies.

Lupe and the the Anteater.

My favorite of the night.

Thanks again to Brian and Mike of Picmember! Seats were great, and overall successful night of shooting.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Essence Photo Shoot


We had the opportunity to work with the lovely ladies of Essence Dance Company!! This group is definitely on the move with founder Gigi Torres, professional choreographer and dancer, leading the pack. It was a nice and chill Friday afternoon in Downtown Los Angeles, to say the least. Tigran, myself and 12 super dope, sexy dancers...what else could we ask for?!

Here are some production pictures, enjoy!

We came across this nice alley way right smack in the middle of Little Tokyo, thanks Will! It was about 3pm, so it was a perfect amount of natural light pouring in down the sides. Thought it would bring a nice color to the already Fall skies.

Le Tigran and myself hard at work!

Tigran taking a quick break. Essence, goofing off.

Great shot, these ladies were so easy to work with.

We ended the night with some group shots along side the Downtown skyline. What a great day with such a passionate, and collective group. Thanks again Gigi, cheers to Essence and Tikko collabo part 2 !!!

You can check out the rest of the set here.