Monday, February 2, 2009


Man o man, it has been an exhausting past few months. In between setting up the studio and squeezing in a few hours of sleep every week, we are finally revamped and ready to go.

We are also proud to announce the launch of our new website!  And if you haven't noticed already we've changed our logo. Thanks to Phantom's complete rebrand, we're sleeker and meaner than ever before! haha

For updates, behind the scenes footage and news, log on to!!!!


p.s. This blog is now apart of the thank you all who check regularly and thank you blog spot for giving us a place to hang out for the past few years. You will be missed.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

under construction



Wednesday, January 21, 2009


President Obama's new ride: 

photo courtesy: Yahoo!



Monday, January 19, 2009

Beat Punk

More images and video to come!


Thursday, January 15, 2009


Hi all, Tigran and I have been missing in action for the past few months getting ready for our biggest project yet,  our studio release! Not sure if you've seen the teaser pics from past blog posts, but yes we've moved our operations to Fullerton! Along side us, our friends Phantom and Art-Hammer.

We are having our grand opening this Sunday, so if you are in the area, swing on by! Would be great to share this special day with all those who have supported us since day one. 

More pictures and stories to come...


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chris in NY #2

Happy New Year everyone!

These past two weeks I've been off from work, and it's been fantastic. I've been doing most of my shooting with my Nikon F2, which was like the second 35mm SLR camera Nikon ever came out with. Shooting with film is great because you got to be a bit more disciplined with your shots-- you can't just fill up a 4GB card and press delete on the go. You gotta take your time to really compose an image, and I think it's made for really good practice as a photographer. Anyway, here's a couple of shots stretching from Brooklyn, NY all the way to Long Beach, CA. Shot with Fujifilm Superia 400 film and untouched except for some dust & scratch removal because of my dirty scanner.

1. Brooklyn.


3. My roommate Michelle.


5. On an aeroplane...

6. Christmas!


8. A tree fell on my brother's car.

9. Grandma's house.

10. Visiting Louis in the studio!

11. It's been awhile...

12. Jon my bro.


14. Ten dollar all you can eat Korean BBQ in Cerritos. Holler.

15. Bomb.

16. Long Beach.

Til next time!

- CG

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best of 2008

Ever since we started, I always envisioned a Tikko 'Best Of.' We go through thousands upon thousands of images per year, we tend to lose track of things, especially our best work. I always forget about certain projects in the archive, as things are always shifting and as Tikko fine tunes its specialties. Not to mention, close to failing external hard drives (knock on wood) of raw NEF's, you can imagine the high volume of material we store everyday.

Our lives for the past few years has been a roller coaster to say the least, this year was definitely no different. Here are the best images and moments of 2008. Enjoy, and thanks again for checking in with us. 


Fashion | Commercial 

Had the opportunity to work on a few campaigns this year, including look book, line sheets and catalog material for local and international companies.

NOOE Hong Kong/LA
Orisue- Holiday II. Stay tuned for Spring, Summer and Fall 09!
Kaba Modern & Yeos 

Riot 5- Fall 08 Collection


The District Weekly/ Long Beach: A fashion, music and lifestyle magazine from Long Beach approached us to shoot a few local bands: Fast Dragon and Avi Buffalo. 

944/ OC- First published material in 944 was an interior shot of The Attic, many followed including a Rainbow Sandals Ad, various portraits of local OC CEO's, an Art and Entertainment Issue for the Dance community, and special projects with the Art Institute of California, OC.

Rainbow Sandals, San Clemente

Owner/Chef, Treva Caron: Table Ten, Fullerton

CEO, Jerri Rosen- Working Wardrobes, Santa Ana

Art Institute of California, Orange County- Culinary 
SI Showcase TM ABDC 
Team Millenia
Creative Director, Elm Pizarro- Boogizone Inc., Aliso Viejo
Bare Dance Co.
President, Johnny Gehris- Vestal Watch Company, Costa Mesa

Events: This years Special Event Coverage ranged from Dance competitions, fashion shows, parties, award shows and sports. We look forward to many more, including VIBE IX!

Oscars After Party

Body Rock 08, GRV


Saks Fifth Avenue- Fall Trend Presentation, South Coast Plaza

Portraits | Art

Man on SD pier

Nina Reyes-Actress, model- Kallusive, Entourage

Niecey Chong, Dancer MSA Talent Agency

CJ Edwards, Founder/ Dancer- Expressive Doubt LA/SF

Halloween 08-Uncle Sam and friends
LA Traffic 3am
Surfer, Huntington Beach, CA.
Oregon, Summer 08'. Photo: Tuan Trinh
Man on bike-Times Square, NY

Pigeon- Brooklyn, NY.

Weddings | Engagements

Kieu & Ryan 01.17.09

Adrienne & Marlon 11.22.08 - Second for Julie Santiano

Sof & Phi 01.10.09
Danae & Soon 08.16.08 coming soon


Nikon inspired. Nikon USA image above, our set up below, shot and edited.

Le Tigrans Mazda parked in front of our new studio. 

Macro fun

Smart Car shot in the studio.
Lambo in the studio with friend and photographer Erich Chen.

Stay tuned for some exciting changes come January!

Have a safe and happy new years everyone and many cheers to a prosperous and successful 09!