Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chris in NY #2

Happy New Year everyone!

These past two weeks I've been off from work, and it's been fantastic. I've been doing most of my shooting with my Nikon F2, which was like the second 35mm SLR camera Nikon ever came out with. Shooting with film is great because you got to be a bit more disciplined with your shots-- you can't just fill up a 4GB card and press delete on the go. You gotta take your time to really compose an image, and I think it's made for really good practice as a photographer. Anyway, here's a couple of shots stretching from Brooklyn, NY all the way to Long Beach, CA. Shot with Fujifilm Superia 400 film and untouched except for some dust & scratch removal because of my dirty scanner.

1. Brooklyn.


3. My roommate Michelle.


5. On an aeroplane...

6. Christmas!


8. A tree fell on my brother's car.

9. Grandma's house.

10. Visiting Louis in the studio!

11. It's been awhile...

12. Jon my bro.


14. Ten dollar all you can eat Korean BBQ in Cerritos. Holler.

15. Bomb.

16. Long Beach.

Til next time!

- CG