Monday, July 28, 2008


Time is of the essence. I've always been told that time doesn't stand still, time doesn't wait for you. As of recent, thats all thats been on my mind...With August fast approaching, we have been working hard to get projects under way and it looks like we have some cool assignments this coming month! 

Time to crank it up.

Some pics and commentary from the last 2 months, eek!


The Sockhop, Funkanometry SF's first showcase was a huge success, thanks again to Char and Gina for having me come shoot such an awesome event! You can see the rest of the set here, but here are some favorites.

California livin'
Charlene (Funks SF) and Nagoos (Breed) chillin outside the studio
green taxi across from the Regency Center
funks sf holding it down
after party

late night pizza run

SF is the shit, thanks Char for a great time!


Was in Diamond bar and met with RAD founder/creator and innovator, Randy Dejesus to talk some biz. Hes definitely on the rise and bringing some noise along with it. 

Color Wheel

db fo life son!

Some sick new looks for Summer and Fall, check it.  


NOOE LA debuted in Melrose about a month ago and things have been going pretty well! Check out the blog for updates and new arrivals. Here are a few pics of what we've been up to.

tomato pie
end of the day

at NOOE HQ, getting ready for mtg

gnarly glasses
melrose sundays

for more, check out!


Had the privilege to do another shoot for 944 Magazine. This time, a profile of Johnny Gehris, President of Vestal Watch Company. Really chill office, it was definitely inspiring to be around these guys. I am actually a proud owner of a Vestal myself so it was dope seeing what this company was all about.

Johnny rocking the Zeppelin's

vestal decal

Vestal Marketing Team

the good life

Be sure to check out the photos in this Months 944!


Got in contact with a really cool publication in Long Beach called The District Weekly. A fashion, entertainment and news magazine created by some good folks at the OC register. Pretty sweet first assignment for the District- got to shoot a profile of an upcoming band, Avi Buffalo.  

These guys are awesome, and I have a good feeling they're gonna blow up one of these days. A very mellow folk punk if you will..some cool tones and funny ass kids.

Rock Star

Livin' room


my personal favorite

Fun shoot, looking forward to seeing these guys live!

Till next time...

Upcoming Projects:

Orisue Spring 09' Product Shoot
Sofia & Phi Engagement Shoot
CJ Edwards Headshot Session #3
Danae& Soon Wedding!



Wednesday, July 9, 2008

wat the deal son

Ricky Cole aka Rick Rawk, one of the most genuine down to earth guys you'll meet. One of those guys that will rip you in a battle and give you a million dollar smile right after. Had the privilege to shoot another set of headshots for the his new and upcoming projects. This guy is making things happen and on the move. Just Youtube him, you'll know what I'm talkin bout. 

O btw, make sure you catch him this summer on America's Got Talent, reppin Sick Step Crew!

All money. Good times son!