Friday, October 31, 2008

More Cowbell!

Our site has been down a couple of times this past two days, I am happy to say that we ran out of bandwidth to support the amount of visitors! Even happier that we were able to increase that bandwidth by 40% today, so now you can visit all you want :)

Below are some a few interesting monthly statistics from Google Analytics (a must if you have a website!)

This is our visitor map, and by the looks of it Irvine is well ahead of other cities (zot zot!!).

It is interesting to see how Windows still dominates as an operating system, there are almost twice as many than macs!

If you like to check out random statistics and have facebook, you should definitely check out their statistics app:, I got to give credit to Brian (Picmember) for bringing that cool mine of information to my attention.

Here is a bonus music link for anyone that likes electronic remixes: Ohh Crapp Mixtape

Cheers from a beautifully clouded San Diego,


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HK Day 3 seen on the NOOE BLOG>>>

Day three brought us to Mong Kok for some great eats, quality nooe time and light personal shopping. Later that evening Khai and Jo taught class at Infinity in TST. Made a few trips back to the hotel too. Day three was no joke, our feet were struggling like a mofo. The MTR was our best friend for the day, oh how I miss thee.

Part trois starts.. now!



mong kok

shoe city



cream puff

Jo jo

infinity stretch

3 for 3


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

FST Dragon

The District Weekly contacted us again for a Halloween special band shoot with Fast Dragon. Hailing from Long Beach, this friendly group of four made you wonder what type of music they actually played. I had no idea until I checked out their myspace really..but definitely some great tracks, hard hitting metal and cool riffs. My personal favorite, Keep it Stick.

Here are some pics from the quick sess.

shady alley

vampire teeth


Check em out:

FaSt DrAgOn

10-31-2008 22:00 at Alexs Bar

 Long Beach, California 90814

Cost: $5

Alex’s All Stars as Rocky Horror Picture Show////// Fast Dragon as Hot Snakes///////////////// Tijuana Knife Fight as Motorhead////////////////// Fifth Story Tenants as The Jam///////////////////// Halloween Night Friday October 31st 2008////////////// $5 9pm @ Alex’s Bar


Monday, October 27, 2008

Tikk-O Treat

Halloween. Probably bottom three all-time worst holidays celebrated in American History. Haha, ok thats a lil brash. Let's just say I've had my share of bad experiences. Anyways, this year was slightly different as we celebrated a week before. My sister had a party, which was pretty cool. I don't get a chance to see her around her friends I was looking forward to chill, hang out and break the streak!

some pictorials:

santa monica


My sister Lindsay and her bf Eric, the Shark.

I want you!


young republicans and American icons

bee keep


deer huntin with yours truly

See the rest of this set here. Have a safe Halloween everyone!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

rip em eatersss

I've always enjoyed shooting soccer-the anticipation, the spills, the hits and the change of pace. In the world of futbol, you can capture some great moments on and off the field. Tigran and I had the chance to do a lil shooting at the UCI and SDSU club match last night.


man down

photographers! off the field!!

another Nikon admirer

5 on 2

fav shot of the night. photo- TT

head honcho, Aaron Young

UCI 3, SDSU 1- go eaters!


SD Temp

Went to Downtown SD to meet up with Tigran today. Had to discuss some upcoming expansion projects, one in which would require some heavy consultation, yikes! We saddled up in Tigran's bros office for some brainstorming and inspiration.

charger nation

Forexify HQ

Le Tigran

Discussing some ideas with the higher-ups

window light

and 6 monitors?! wtf

really on the phone

the vis


complex construction

sd sunset

phase 2...