Thursday, February 28, 2008

Party or Work?

What up everyone, we've both been to La-La land and back so its time for more photos.

I got my first taste of Hollywood this weekend at an Oscars Afterparty hosted by Children Uniting Nations and Billboards.

My client, latin music sensation Sirak Baloyan, was there to play some salsa music for the guests which included many celebrities and even African royalty.

The King of Ghana was there... quite a surprise for me. Then I spotted sexy R&B singer Christina Milian.

..and I couldn't help taking lots of photos of her

Here Sirak looking like a salsa king, waiting to get his interview.

Meanwhile I went over to the red carpet and spotted other celebs you might recognize

We also met retiered General Dallaire, who was leader of peacekeeping UN troops in Rwanda '94

Sirak joined in the red carpet shortly after the news had arrived

We both took notice of beautiful actress Amanda Brooks, who has some movies in the works.

Time for the interview, Sirak decides to do some cha cha cha

Some hours later, it was time for the real event, here is Sirak y su Sonora Antillana

Close up of the contrabass, he's really into it

Ofcourse, everyone enjoyed the latin upbeat jam. And then I got some free drinks and met more hollywood people.

Well that was fun, we will be back for more city of angels!


Bahar Birthday Bash

LA Living Part 1

So within the past few days, I've been back and forth to LA about 4 times. The drive isn't bad and I really like the area, definitely a nice change of pace from Irvine, the safest freakin city in the world.

Here are some images from Bahar Banans Birthday Bash! Bahar is currently with Fox Interactive Media as an Account Manager. She is a friend of my good friend Niha, who represents our fellow friends at International. Also, special thanks to Chris Gayomali for the assist!

Preparation in Westwood Residence

The Party- Sugar, Hollywood, CA.

Good times!! Thanks again Bahar for having us come along and join in with your birthday celebration!


Friday, February 22, 2008

What's Fresh?

That's Fresh! the best dance community dance blog out there. Check out their latest article about our own Louis Trinh!

Click on the image to go directly to the article.

In other news, Tikko Studios will be busy shooting in Los Angeles this weekend. Louis is going to Sugar in Hollywood for a special birthday event, and I will be covering an Oscars Night After Party in Beverly Hills! Pics coming soon!

Have a great weekend,


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thought of the day

Always visualize first...


Saturday, February 9, 2008

America's Best Dance Crew? & Fun with photoshop

Hey folks,

We finally organized all the pics from Vibe XIII, they are available in our smugmug site through this link.

Some of our friends that were in Vibe from Kaba Modern are also competing for America's Best Dance Crew. They made it to the final 8! They are representing the West Coast along with the talented JabbaWockeeZ. Make sure to watch how they got there on MTV online.

As it says in the title, I also have some photoshopped pics I wanted to share . The first one is of Geoffrey Lee doing his amazing break routine during the Kaba Modern performance at Vibe:

This second image will be part of Broadcom's Art Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain!

I made it from various photos that I took over the summer. I wanted to combine all the cool elements from each shot to represent different moods and have a collective memory as one image. It was selected among many entries because it represents the state of dissonance. Look that up!

Have a great weekend,


Where Do I Start?

January Updates:

We had a crazy month of January (I know I know its already mid-FEB), but now its time to update this bad boy! Sorry for the lag, but we' aint no Thomas Phantom, thats for sure. haha Below are a few highlights from last months projects!

The Other Duck Fashion Show 01.25.08

Cheryl Koo, creator and designer of the Other Duck Clothing Company invited us to come along and cover her newest project and Fashion Show in Hollywood. We started the day at Cheryls pad to prepare and relax before the show. Definitely an eventful day with lots of action, quick shout-outs to all the models and dancers involved, it was a great show!

Thanks again Cheryl! And congrats on another great show.

Breed Auditions 01.06.08

Our friends at Boogiezone held their 2008 Auditions and boy was it a dope turn out! Breed is a physical extension of the online dance community that has brought thousands of dancers together all across the world. You can connect with other aspiring dancers and artists, get info of upcoming auditions, and get in tuned with this dance revolution.

Tikko Studios was there to document this momentous occasion, a new generation of Breed OC/LA!

Congrats to the newest Breed members! You can view the rest of this set, here.

Peace Photo Shoot 01.16.08

The fine gentlemen of Picmember are in the middle of creating a limited edition Peace Calendar, debuted to launch for 2009. With sponsors such as Rockstar Energy Drinks, we set out to create a UCI friendly production, right smack in the middle of Aldrich Park- the heart of our student community.

A special thanks to Garrick Fujii and Chris Gayomali for coming out and supporting. These guys are mad ill. Chris used the 80-200 to max out on a few dope close ups..check it out as well as the other images.

Kappa Zeta Informals 01.19.08

Thanks again to the lovely ladies of Kappa Zeta Phi for having us shoot Informals! It was a lot of fun, always a good time with this group!

Thanks again to Chris Gayomali for the assistance! You can see the rest of the ladies here.


For another year in a row, the brothers of Lambda Theta Delta invited us back to cover the craziness we call Vibe. With teams coming from all over California, it was staged to be the hypest show of the year. In association with Kallusive Clothing and Boogiezone, Tikko Studios was the proud sponsor and official photographers of the premiere competition of the 2008 season.

Special thanks to Chris Gayomali once again, as well as Julie Santiano who came out to shoot with us. Always a pleasure having them assist in the coverage!

Pheww, that was lengthy! Thanks for checking in, like Tigran says, check our smug, for more VIBE XIII coverage.